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Man in the Moon

Man in the Moon

VPL’s Man in the Moon program provides opportunities for fathers and caregivers who are men and non-binary to learn ways to support early literacy and language development in their children through playing, singing, talking and reading together. Strengthening early father-child bonds is important, as it contributes to positive social and emotional outcomes and to the development of children’s long-term reading readiness and motivation. Participating dads have told us that the program helps them connect both with their children and with other dads, and that they really appreciate the chance to spend time with their children and learn new songs and rhymes in a relaxed, fun environment. 

The feedback from program participants speaks to the success of Man in the Moon: 

“Man in the Moon made me more confident spending time with the baby, it helped me bond with my kid, and let me meet other dads.”

“The best part is that we don’t always have to look to Mom to sing and entertain. Daddy is just as good now!”

“I’m not afraid to be alone with my daughter anymore. I have more confidence spending time with her.”