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Alligator Pie

Alligator Pie

The Alligator Pie Program provides valuable early literacy support from VPL librarians to daycare centres serving vulnerable children and families. Many children who attend Alligator Pie storytimes do not have the opportunity to attend and benefit from storytimes at VPL. Alligator Pie provides a vital link between these children and the Library’s services. 

Success in school is largely dependent on the development of early literacy skills when children are young. As such, Alligator Pie supports children who are at-risk, along with their parents, caregivers, and daycare centre staff, with the development of these early literacy skills through participation in storytimes, training, workshops, and advice from Children’s Librarians. 

The feedback from program participants speaks to the success of Alligator Pie: 

“It enhanced my daughter’s love of books and their literacy.”

”Children love circle time. It helps them with their literacy skills, listening skills and attention span.”

“Kids really look forward to Circle Time, it makes them curious about what books to read.”