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Rooftop Garden

Rooftop Garden

Vancouver’s first public rooftop garden will be named in honour of visionary city-builders and philanthropists Art Phillips, Bob Hager and Rudy North. The entry to the garden will be named in honour of Phillips, Hager & North Investment Management’s (PH&N’s) fourth founding partner, Dick Bradshaw.

Past partners and friends of PH&N have made gifts totalling over $1.5M to VPLF’s Storeys That Transform capital expansion campaign. In recognition of their generosity, Central Library’s new, publicly accessible rooftop garden will be known as The Phillips, Hager and North Garden.

Art Phillips, Bob Hager, Rudy North, and Dick Bradshaw have had a profoundly positive impact on Vancouver’s development, economy and culture:

• Former Mayor Art Phillips was instrumental in setting the foundation of the way Vancouver looks today, with its unique skyline, parks, and innovative housing projects. Art also championed the construction of VPL’s Central branch, ensuring that this library would become a focal point for the then emerging community of Yaletown.

Bob Hager made a tremendous difference in the city with his philanthropy. He gave generously of his time, talent and treasure; believing that the greatest joy was making even the smallest difference in the life of someone else. He was instrumental in improving pancreatic cancer treatment and research through funding the establishment of the Pancreatic Cancer Research Initiative.

Rudy North continues to better the community; combining his business success with social responsibility to support many initiatives, including environmental research and habitat conservation – keeping British Columbia a desirable place to live. His passion for the environment also led him to be the lead Canadian donor for the conservation of the Great Bear Rainforest.

• In addition to his professional success, Dick Bradshaw has held leadership positions on numerous charitable Boards, and continues to be a philanthropic leader in the area of environmental research, as well as funding local organizations in the fields of healthcare, social services, and the arts.

Twenty years ago, our community envisioned a public ‘garden in the sky’ at Central Library. Thanks to the generosity of past partners and friends of PH&N, that vision will soon be realized. With spectacular city and mountain views, the Phillips, Hager and North Garden will provide a unique outdoor venue that combines our city’s dual love of nature and learning; perfectly reflecting the legacies of four men who have played vital roles in visioning, and realizing a bright future for Vancouver.

“Art Phillips, Bob Hager and Rudy North formed “Phillips, Hager & North Investment Management” in 1964. Soon thereafter, they were joined by Richard (Dick) Bradshaw and the four would go on to create Canada’s largest independent investment management firm, headquartered here in Vancouver B.C. Employing hundreds in Vancouver and across Canada, PH&N was considered to be an ethical leader in money management, as well as a corporate leader in community service. Art, Bob, Rudy and Dick were inducted into the B.C. Business Hall of Fame in 2013. All four men have contributed greatly to the City of Vancouver through their numerous charitable pursuits, generally done quietly, but with great effect. The rooftop garden, named in their honour, was funded by their former partners and closest friends who are humbled to have been mentored and befriended by such remarkable gentlemen.”

John Montalbano, Principal, Tower Beach Capital Ltd, and past-President, Phillips, Hager & North Investment Management