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Building A Legacy At The Library

Building A Legacy At The Library

An avid reader and registered nurse, Pat Graham was a lifelong library lover. She regularly visited VPL’s Marpole Branch and hugely appreciated the services that the library offered to its citizens.

When Pat became unable to leave her home later in life, VPL’s Accessible Services team made a profound impression on her. Carefully choosing books that they knew Pat would enjoy and being a friendly face for her to interact with on a regular basis, the Library made a significant difference to Pat’s quality of life in her final years.

Pat found much joy in the quiet and solace that time with a good book afforded. So she wanted to give back to a place that brought her so much happiness by including the Library in her Will.

Thanks to Pat’s generosity, vision and thoughtfulness, Library patrons can now enjoy the first-ever dedicated quiet space in the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver. Named in her honour, the Pat Graham Reading Room offers library patrons a quiet, bright space for reading, study and reflection. With panoramic windows offering views of the city and comfortable reading chairs, this space fills to capacity on a daily basis.

For years the people of Vancouver asked for a space like this and with Pat’s gift the Library was able to realize this long-held dream. Because of Pat’s generous gift to the Library, this Reading Room provides a sanctuary for others to find the same delight in reading as she did. Pat has left a legacy that guarantees that our community has access to the knowledge, culture and skills that they need to thrive for generations to come.

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