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Curiosity Without Limits: Binoy’s Library Story 

Curiosity Without Limits: Binoy’s Library Story 

You might be surprised to learn what your local Library offers families, thanks to community support. Binoy certainly was! 

Limitless Access, Limitless Opportunities 

Let me introduce you to Binoy. When he moved to Vancouver from India in 2019, he found connection and inspiration within the walls of his neighbourhood branch, West Point Grey.

He felt shocked and even suspicious as he often wondered “Can I really have all of this for free? You trust me this much?” 

From Dream to Reality 

For Binoy, the Library became the gateway to an ambition he’d long held and an alternative career option he had always wanted to explore: coding.   

He confesses that even though he was a visiting lecturer in another discipline, he “embarrassingly flunked out” of the 100-level coding course at UBC he took as his first step on this journey.

Binoy loves that the “For Dummies” series that he found on VPL’s shelves doesn’t take any knowledge for granted and allows him to go at his own pace.  

Without this free learning, Binoy would not have been able to justify the cost of learning to code. Yet at his Library, he can learn, explore, and experiment without hesitation.  

Inspiring Creativity: The Birth of Quintumble 

Inspired by his daughter’s love for the game Wordle, Binoy used his newfound coding skills to create Quintumble—a game that now delights thousands of players daily. Check out the game yourself here! 

Through it all, he humbly credits the Library as essential to his success. 

Empowering the Next Generation 

What surprised Binoy most about his local branch was not just the quality of materials but also the level of trust and welcome extended to him. He has been awed by how much the Library shares with his family.  

Today, Binoy and his daughters eagerly anticipate their Library visits together. They love their weekly ritual of hopping on the bus and carting home armfuls of books. Binoy estimates his older daughter borrows 40-50 books a week and he is grateful that he doesn’t have to put any limits on her curiosity.  

Their home boasts a dedicated shelf for borrowed books from their Library and the girls proudly display their Summer Reading Club medals. 

A Place of Inspiration and Comfort 

And it isn’t just the access to knowledge and learning that Binoy values. He appreciates that the Library does not just uplift our minds, imaginations, and mental health–but acknowledges our physical comfort too.  

He thinks that it is important for our community and his family that his local branch feels safe, has public washrooms, and offers folks refuge during weather extremes. Binoy’s family were happy to turn to their Library’s air-conditioned space during last summer’s heatwave. 

Will you join other Library lovers in making a gift to VPL? Your support empowers families like Binoy’s to dream, explore, and thrive.