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Bringing Together Families with Man in the Moon

Bringing Together Families with Man in the Moon

“How do I connect in a meaningful way with my child?” This is a question that many caregivers ask themselves, but don’t know the answer. Fortunately, VPL programs like Man in the Moon exist to provide a welcoming space just for male caregivers—bringing them together with their babies in their lives to learn rhymes and songs, and encourage play and interaction.

Families like Justin and his young daughter Sasha have benefited greatly from this program. They first came to Man in the Moon with Sasha was just seven months old. After learning and singing songs in a fun group setting with other male caregivers and their children, he was able to do those same activities at home; encouraging the development of early language and literacy skills in Sasha. What’s more, as an only child, Sasha loved observing other children doing things, and taking in what they were doing and learning from them.

Now, as a 2.5 year old, Sasha still sings the songs that they learned, with the bumpy road and elevator songs being her personal favourites, and she continues to visit the library three to four times every week.

With the help of our donors, the library is a second home for many families, and is able to connect children and their caregivers with the resources and community they need to thrive. By making a gift to Man in the Moon, you are giving the gift of song, of learning, of special time with a caregiver, of interacting with other kids—you are changing a young child’s story.