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Rooftop Remix – A Celebration of Community and Support for VPL 

Rooftop Remix – A Celebration of Community and Support for VPL 

In the warmth of Summer 2022, the Vancouver Public Library Foundation brought together long-standing Library supporters and new folks eager to support their Library at the inaugural Rooftop Remix event series hosted at the iconic Central Library.  

The series was so well received that VPL Foundation brought Library-loving community members together again for a vibrant 2023 season. 

Connecting After a Pandemic: 

After a challenging period of isolation and uncertainty, Rooftop Remix was a new future for VPL Foundation events. It was a celebration to invite connection, joy, and a spirit of community for all those that love the Library. 

Shining a Spotlight on Library Support: 

As well as a good time, Rooftop Remix events were an opportunity to showcase Levels 8, 9, and the stunning rooftop garden – spaces brought to life by the generosity of Library supporters. It stands as a testament to what can be achieved when a community comes together and gives back to this special place. 

A Diverse Library Community, Together: 

One of the best parts of Rooftop Remix was the coming together of long-standing Library supporters who had not experienced an in-person event for years and newcomers eager to celebrate the Library. Casey Dela Cruz, one of the event organizers, expressed his delight in witnessing the diversity of our Library community represented among the attendees and gathered together for three summer evenings in 2022 and 2023. 

“We were proud to see such a diverse group of people coming together. It was like a microcosm of  the Library community,” he remarked. This diversity is an integral part of what makes both the events and our VPL Foundation community so special.  

An Inspiring Setting 

Jenny Marsh, our Executive Director, shares how the Library space set the tone for the events: “This space is magical. It doesn’t need much dressing up. We just need to invite people in. I am thrilled the event shines a light on this wonderful place and on what library supporters can achieve to make our city better, together.”   

A Renewed Sense of Community: 

Fueled by a fun atmosphere, a shared passion for books, and an inspiring setting, many attendees found it hard to leave. Jenny was thrilled to witness our community enjoying themselves, reconnecting, and creating new memories—back together again. She concluded, “Rooftop Remix felt so celebratory and happy and energizing. It gave us all a renewed sense of shared community.

Supporting Library Innovations: 

The funds raised from Rooftop Remix events will contribute to the creation of new soundproof work pods. These pods will provide more people with dedicated spaces for meetings, collaboration, and focused work at Central Library. 

The VPL Foundation extends its heartfelt gratitude to our event sponsors: Deloitte, Jarislowsky Fraser, Boyden, and Odlum Brown. Their support helped make Rooftop Remix a remarkable event that celebrated community, diversity, and the power of Libraries to bring people together. 

We look forward to many more moments of celebration and togetherness in the years to come.