There are many different ways to support VPL – from writing a cheque to leaving instructions in your will. All gifts to the Vancouver Public Library Foundation are eligible for charitable tax receipts.

1. Please note that tax receipts will be delivered via mail or email based on your preferences. We will mail you a hard copy of your receipt unless you indicate otherwise.

2. All donation payments will be processed in Canadian funds.

3. Please contact us if you have a concern about your gift. Reach us by phone at 604-331-4092 or email


Support your library with a gift to the VPLF. Online gifts can be designated to any of our priority projects. You can make a one-time-donation or a recurring monthly gift. Donations of any size make a world of difference. A monthly donation is an easy way to provide ongoing support to much-loved library programs.



Mail your cheque payable to the Vancouver Public Library Foundation to:

Vancouver Public Library Foundation, 350 West Georgia St., Vancouver, BC, V6B 6B1

Publicly Listed Securities

Donating publicly-traded shares is a tax-efficient way of making a gift. In fact, most people who choose to donate securities end up with an after-tax cost that is less than one-half of the gift!

Contact Jenny Marsh at 604.331.3897 for more information.


Employer Matching

Many companies encourage employees to contribute to charities by offering a matching gift program. This means the company will donate funds equal to your contribution to the Library, effectively doubling the gift. Check with your employer to see if they offer a charitable gift-matching program.


Gifts in Honour & in Memory

Making a donation is a wonderful way of paying tribute to a family member or friend, mentor or colleague. Your gift honours their influence and legacy in your life while supporting current and future programs, collections and services at Vancouver’s public libraries.

To make an in honour or memorial gift, simply indicate on the online donation form that you are making an in honour or in memoriam gift or include a note with your cheque. Indicate the name of the person you would like to pay tribute to. If you would like someone to be notified of your donation, please include their name and contact information.

Please contact Rebecca Jackson-Harrop at 604.331.3786 to find out more.

Make a gift in memory or in honour online

Planned & Future Giving

There are several ways to support VPL with gifts that don’t impact the way you currently live, and others, which can significantly lower the cost of giving.

A well-planned gift allows you to make a gift that takes full advantage of tax considerations and minimizes the impact on your family security and lifestyle, while maximizing the impact of your gift. Sometimes a planned gift can even increase your income.

At VPL, every gift makes a difference, whether large or small. People who give to charity and arrange charitable legacy gifts in their will are creating a better society and benefiting everyone.

VPL Foundation staff work hand in hand with Lawyers, Notaries, Financial Planners, Accountants and other advisors to help their clients establish meaningful, tax-wise donations.

We encourage donors to consult with estate planning professionals and with Foundation staff before finalizing a legacy gift. To find out more, please contact Sarah Anderson at 604.331.4092.


A gift by will is a thoughtful form of philanthropy and those people who have made an arrangement for legacy gifts in support of our mission, have placed us among their family and closest friends. We are honoured and humbled to be held in such esteem. VPL is committed to using legacy gifts wisely and for the purpose they were given.

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Gifts of Life Insurance

Life insurance can be an economical way to create a large and lasting charitable gift, but some policy donations also result in considerable tax savings. Existing policies that you no longer need can make wonderful gifts.

Gifts of Retirement Plans

You can make a charitable gift of your RRSP/RRIF and completely eliminate all the deferred taxes.


Endowments create meaningful legacies. They provide stable, dependable funding for VPL collections, programs and branches.

An endowment generates long-term support for VPL, for this generation and generations to come. Endowments help to build a strong foundation for the present and the future. They provide enduring resources that benefit everyone in our community.

You may create a new endowment to support a branch, a type of programming or collection at the Vancouver Public Library. This fund will be named for you, or you can choose to name your endowment in honour or in memory of a family member, friend, organization or colleague.

You may also contribute a gift to the following endowment funds:

  • Allan MacDougall Legacy Fund
  • Cheryl Ann Hughes Endowment
  • Derek Lukin Johnston Fund
  • James Duncan Family Outreach
  • Stanley & Elsie Cha Fund
  • Yosef Wosk Judaic Legacy

If you would like further information, please contact Jenny Marsh or call 604.331.3897.

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Third Party Events & Campaigns

Plan an event to benefit the Vancouver Public Library! Whether you are organizing a golf tournament, a birthday party or a book sale, inviting guests to bring a donation in place of a gift, is an easy way to help us build an informed, engaged and connected city.  Or consider donating partial proceeds of retail sales to support a VPL initiative. To learn more, contact Jenny Marsh or call 604.331.3897.