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Give back and pay it forward!
When you make a gift to Vancouver Public Library, you’re investing in your own success, and the thousands of other people who make our community strong and vibrant.

We all know that we save money by using the Library, but have you ever considered just how much you save? Maeve has been a VPL cardholder since 2017 when she moved here from Dublin. She shared with us how much the Library has saved her over the last 6 years:
Like Maeve, people across Vancouver rely on their Library for free resources that would otherwise cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. VPL helped her settle into her life in Vancouver, so she’s choosing to give back and pay it forward with a donation of $270.

Hear what other Library lovers have to say...

“VPL gives people an opportunity to reach whatever their career goals are. In a world changing so quickly, especially in non-traditional career paths, this is invaluable. There is a lot of learning you can do… all for free!”


"The Library is the best back-up option that exists! If there is anything you don’t have, you can go to your Library... Computers, internet, everything...I have even used the Library so my mom can have air conditioning."


“I support the Vancouver Public Library because literacy is fundamental and opens so many doors. And we’ve seen first-hand how much of an impact it’s had on our house!”