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Our Library uplifts our community by providing all of us with the information, culture and connection that we need to thrive.

VPL’s dedicated monthly donors bring the limitless world of the library home to more people across our city and beyond.

Five reasons to become a Monthly Sustainer:

  • Feel good knowing you’re sustaining vital Library programs, services and collections
  • Preauthorized monthly payments are easy and convenient
  • Manage your budget with 12 smaller gifts each year
  • Join hundreds of other compassionate Library lovers in our community of monthly giving
  • Upgrade, change, or cancel at any time

Hear what other Monthly Sustainers have to say…

“My mom and dad sometimes worked 2 jobs at a time to make ends meet. When they weren’t home, I’d go to the Library by myself or with friends. My parents knew that the Librarians would keep an eye on me, so they never had to worry. The Library was a safe space for me. I give monthly because I want to make sure it’s there for the kids that need it like I did.”

Cailee, monthly donor since 2019

“I love monthly giving. I don’t think about it. It’s done. It’s budgeted. I like that it is steady support for the Library.”

Daniela, monthly donor since 2017

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Your Library needs engaged and determined friends like you, giving what they can to support our community.

Your monthly donation ensures that the Library can go above and beyond, providing a place where people from all walks of life can have a warm and welcoming place they can turn to.

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