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As our world is evolving, it is easy for us to forget about skills such as reading and writing. Though our world is going in the direction of robotics and abstract thinking, having a strong foundation in reading and writing is still vital for functioning in our society. While STEAM is a wonderful subject that has been introduced to most schools, it has made it easy for lessons on literacy to be put on the backburner.  It has been said that those who enjoy reading are more empathetic and imaginative, and sadly our population of bookworms is slowly dying out. With Netflix, gaming, and Youtube, many children will never experience the feeling of getting lost in a book. Reading can be a great escape, and it gives you the opportunity to create your own world. Movies and TV shows lay everything out for you, and leave little to the imagination.      

Donating to Children’s Programs at the VPL could be the first step to a generation of empathetic, imaginative, and most importantly literate children. - Kaitlin Yung

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