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Two Hearts, One Legacy Gift: Flannery & Ryan

Flannery and Ryan’s Library story, along with their decision to leave a gift in their will to the VPL Foundation, shatters common myths about legacy giving. 


Myth: Only older folks make gifts in their will. 

Truth: People of any age can plan ahead. And they get to feel good about their gift for longer!  

Myth: Only multi-million dollar gifts in will make a difference to VPL Foundation.  

Truth: All gifts are meaningful. We are especially honoured to receive these special gifts. They really make you Library family.   

Please tell us if you have included us in our will – we want to thank you now and treat you like family! 

Myth: Libraries have always served their communities in the same way.

Truth: Libraries are always growing, adapting, and changing to meet the needs of their diverse communities. With donor support, Libraries can keep pace in our rapidly changing world.  

This desire to ensure the Library can continue to evolve to uplift our community is an important reason why Flannery and Ryan have elected to make a gift in their will to VPL Foundation. 

Two Hearts, One Legacy 

Fifteen years ago, in the cozy corner of a dusty bookstore in California, Flannery and Ryan’s love story began. This meeting set the stage for a life filled with a shared passion for books, a love of animals, and a heartfelt commitment to giving back to their community.  

They describe the decision to give back to the Vancouver Public Library and make a gift in their will as a “no brainer” for them.  

Guided by Generosity 

For Flannery, her giving is guided by a simple, yet powerful principle instilled in her from a young age: “If you have enough, you have enough to share.” She firmly believes in the responsibility of individuals to contribute to the collective well-being of society. For Ryan, his motivation to support the Library comes from an aligned value: that the Library provides free access to knowledge and learning to anyone that wants it.  

A Commitment to Community 

In a rapidly changing world, they appreciate how Libraries have evolved to meet the needs of the community. They trust that the Library will continue to adapt, guided by its commitment to serving everyone. For Ryan, supporting the Library means supporting a place for all, while Flannery takes pride in being part of an enthusiastic community of Library users, eager to enter this invaluable space each day.   

Leaving a Legacy of Knowledge 

Flannery and Ryan both have a deep love for the Library and appreciate what it does for them, their friends, and their neighbours. They want to keep it going well into the future with their gift. They understand that what they leave behind is an opportunity to ensure that future generations can continue to access the wealth of knowledge and resources the Library provides.  

Flannery and Ryan’s love story, rooted in books, adventure, shared values, and a passionate commitment to their community, shows just how transformative the power of love and giving are. They exemplify the belief that, while we can’t take our material wealth with us, the impact of our generosity can continue on, creating a brighter future for all.