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Third Party Book Club Fundraiser

Third Party Book Club Fundraiser

BOOK CLUBS: VPL needs YOUR help to reduce wait times for eBooks

By raising funds to expand VPL’s Digital Library, your book club can help ensure that everyone in our community can access eBooks when they want and need them.

Since the start of the pandemic, visits to VPL’s Digital Library have increased by more than 103%. Your Library is facing a 12.7% budget cut this year, making it difficult for VPL to meet the increasing demand for online resources. Now is the time for us all to come together to reduce wait times for eBooks, which currently stretch up to 6 months.  

You and your book club have a special opportunity to support your Library. Every member of clubs that collectively raise $1,500 or more before September 30th will receive copies of the work of a local author (maximum 15). Your club will also have the opportunity to participate in an author-led book club discussion on Zoom.

Choose from one of the five participating books below:


Raise Target Funds
– by September 30th. See below for ideas. 


Connect with Casey
– let him know how you will make your donation, and which book you want to read.


Receive your signed book in the mail
– and start reading!



Have your virtual book club meeting
– up to 15 members can attend.

Some ideas to help you reach your fundraising target:

  • Sponsor yourself for $100
  • Ask all participating members to contribute $100
  • Ask 3 friends or family members to sponsor you or a participating member for $50
  • Host a Facebook fundraiser to help spread the news of your cause to your social network
  • Online craft sale
  • Used book sale
  • Karaoke night (get people to sing for pledges)
  • Write-a-thon/knit-a-thon/walk-a-thon etc.

For more information or to brainstorm virtual/socially distanced event opportunities, contact Casey Dela Cruz casey.delacruz@vpl.ca or 604-355-2917

Please provide donor names and addresses should they wish to receive a tax receipt; our team will send thank you letters and issue tax receipts to your supporters for their donations greater than $10. We will also be available to answer any questions that your supporters may have about this campaign.

Check out the resources below if you are ready to get started:

Dear Friend,

I’m reaching out today to let you know about a cause I am supporting that is dear to me.

This March, the Vancouver Public Library (VPL) closed its branches in response to the pandemic. When branches closed, the demand for eBooks soared. 70,000 eBook titles were borrowed in March alone.

Even now, thousands of people continue to rely on VPL’s Digital Library. The demand for eBooks is far outpacing supply, with visits to the Digital Library up 103%. Wait times for eBooks are now stretching up to 6 months! Meanwhile, VPL is working within tighter financial constraints – a 12.7% budget reduction in 2020.

I have decided to join together with some friends to help raise funds in support of expanding VPL’s digital collections to help reduce wait times for eBooks. Together we are hoping to raise $1,500 for the VPL Foundation.

If you are able, please consider making a donation. You can donate by clicking here: https://vplf.ca/donate/. Any amount helps! I hope you will join me in helping VPL expand their Digital Library by making a donation towards the purchase of eBooks, more music and video streaming services, online courses, and other digital resources.

And whether or not you are able to donate today, you should check out VPL’s Digital Library – there’s so much there for everyone, and all for free. If you don’t have a VPL card, you can get one online here: https://www.vpl.ca/librarycard.



Facebook: Since the start of the pandemic, visits to VPL’s Digital Library have increased by more than 103%. This has led to longer wait times for eBooks – up to 6 months in some cases! Join me in helping VPL reduce wait times by making a donation in support of the purchase of eBooks.


Facebook: Together we can help ensure that our community has greater access to the resources that they need to learn and connect during these difficult times. Please donate today in support of our Library.


Facebook: Some of @VPL’s branches are open for borrowing, but thousands of people continue to rely on the Digital Library for eBooks, movies, courses and more. VPL is facing a budget cut of 12.7% this year and needs the help of our community to meet the skyrocketing demand for digital collections. Join me in donating to VPL!


Twitter: Visits to @VPL’s Digital Library are up 103% while the Library faces a 12.7% budget cut this year. Join me in helping VPL give everyone greater access to eBooks by making a donation today!


Twitter: Some of @VPL’s branches are open for borrowing, but thousands still rely on the Digital Library for eBooks, movies, courses and more. VPL needs help to meet the skyrocketing demand. Join me in donating today!



Casey Dela Cruz