“Sid loves seeing the familiar faces – it’s good to have some sense of normalcy. It’s a scheduled time to just be quiet and listen,” says Rashmi.

Sid particularly loves hearing animal stories, and afterward, he acts out that day’s tale with his toys.

Like parents around the world, Rashmi had to explain to Sid why his favourite activity is now online instead of in person. “I’ve said, ‘This is a different mode of connecting with people.’”

Rashmi chooses to keep Sid’s screen time to a minimum, focusing instead on offline games and activities. Storytime is the big exception.

As a relatively new Vancouverite, Rashmi explains the importance community resources like the library to newcomers.

“In Bangalore I didn’t realize the importance of a library. It plays so many roles and it’s so important from a sustainability perspective. Everybody need not buy everything. You can borrow things instead of going to stores. This is a great thing for children to learn.”