On Thursday, September 27, 2018 the Vancouver Public Library Foundation will be hosting its first gala event in the VPL’s newly opened garden in the sky.

2018 Founding Gala Co-Chairs:

Carol & Christian Chia

Dana & John Montalbano

Vancouver Public Library is Canada’s most-visited major urban library on a per capita basis. Since 1869, VPL has offered materials, spaces, resources and programs to support literacy, creativity and lifelong learning in our community – and the impact has been tremendous.

More than just a home for books, the Central Library delivers almost 1,200 programs for young people, their caregivers and families. Fostering a life-long love of learning and reading starts at an early age and starts right here in the heart of our city.

We now have the opportunity to make even more changes that will bring significant benefits for the entire city.  All funds raised during the gala will go towards programming, the revitalization and planned expansion of the Children’s Library, as well as the development of an advanced, state-of-the-art-teen space.

We look forward to sharing our story with you in September!


Limited Table Partnerships are available for purchase starting at $5000.

For further information on sponsorship or to purchase a table please contact Holly Patterson, Manager, Donor Relations and Events at holly.patterson@vpl.ca or 604.331.4110.