“If you walk into any library on any afternoon, you’ll see seniors sitting and reading,” says Donna. “But it’s not just about reading – it’s social too. Libraries give us a place to meet.”


VPL also brings the Library to those who can’t get there on their own. Accessible Services delivers reading and listening materials in a variety of formats to patrons at their home or care facility, while TASTE (Teens and Seniors Technology Experience) brings members of the VPL’s Teen Advisory Groups to seniors’ facilities to share stories and explore new technology together.

Since her retirement from professional music in 1996, VPL has become an even more important part of Donna’s life, as a volunteer with Friends of the VPL, as a donor, and most importantly, as an active patron. For Donna and thousands of other seniors across the city the access to learning, outlets for self-expression and social opportunities VPL provide help her stay vital, connected and fulfilled in her later years.