“This group, who initially were reluctant to enter the circle time room, now come rushing in once the door is opened. Children who sat pressed up against walls to keep their distance are now happily climbing in my lap and demanding more books.”

Alligator Pie is an inspiring program for daycare centres, and staff are keen to learn about new approaches and materials they can use. Another staff member commented on how professionally-designed literacy and language activities have helped at her centre:

“It (Alligator Pie) is a great resource for me. The way the librarian engages with the children through songs, stories and games is fantastic.”

The success of this program has been far-reaching creating valuable learning opportunities for both the children and staff. Like all programs and services at VPL, Alligator Pie is free, but the demand for this important program increases. Every gift you give to Alligator Pie ensures the program will continue to instill in vulnerable children a love of reading that will support their success as they grow.

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