“The library really represents the community. The range of people who walk in here is amazing. I can think of no other public institution like that.”

- Terry Salman

Making his community better is second nature to Terry. He has lent his leadership to St. Paul’s Hospital, the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada, the Britannia Mine Museum and the Whistler Film Festival Society. We are proud to have him as our library champion. His vision parallels the library’s mission to be a “free space for everyone to discover, create, and share ideas and information.”

Terry’s extraordinary generosity has funded programs whose principles are imbued with deeply held library values of equity and access. In 2010, VPL recognized Terry’s community leadership by naming the new Hillcrest branch in his honour. Terry showed his gratitude for this recognition with a gift of $300,000. He urges others to give as well. “We live in a city known for its innovation. VPL has been recognized as a driver of excellence, and continues to be a source of inspiration for burgeoning leaders in Vancouver. Those of us who have been successful in our business can support future innovation by investing in our library.”