Books in a series are my favorite but I’m always impatient for the next book. I want to learn more about writing so that I can write about my own characters and their adventures. – Emma

Writing lets me escape into my imagination. It scares me, excites me, brings me to tears and makes me laugh hysterically. What’s really magical is when my writing lets someone else feel all those things too! – Alia

- Emma & Alia, Book Camp Participants

Long time VPL supporter Donna Hossack designates donations to the Writing & Book Camp as part of her giving strategy. She loves to see the dividends provided by the scholarships she helps fund for creative young people:

It is truly inspiring to attend the Gala event at the conclusion of the summer book camp week, and see and hear what these youngsters have accomplished in just a few days.

One week at Writing & Book Camp costs $275, a cost that the parents of some families can’t pay on their own. Camp provides communication skills and connects young writers with resources they will use for their lifetime.

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